Ekinex KNX Home Automation in Singapore

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Top Reasons to Choose EKINEX

Because we believe in the technology that makes life easier

We build devices that simplify everyday gestures. Our scope spans homes, offices, public buildings, schools, hospitals, and industries. Our home automation concept relies on the KNX standard, enabling decentralized and automated management of various technological systems. By leveraging the KNX system, we ensure high-quality standards for our Ekinex project, delivering efficient and reliable automation solutions for all types and sizes of installations.

1. Our products are designed and manufactured in Italy.

2. We offer KNX-native products and solutions, the most widespread communication standard in the world. This guarantees the reliability and quality of our offers.

3. We constantly update our production line, thus ensuring constant technological innovation of our items.

4. We offer a complete range of products, which includes both wall-mount and switchboard devices.

5. We care for design and offer reliable products with a high aesthetical value.

6. We implemented a very advantageous distribution channel, relying on a short supply chain.

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We invite you to visit our showroom and experience the exceptional quality and design of our Ekinex keypads firsthand. Discover the innovative features and elegant aesthetics that make Ekinex a leader in home automation. Our expert team is ready to guide you through the various options and demonstrate how these keypads can enhance your living or working spaces. Don't miss the opportunity to see and feel the difference that Ekinex can make.