Our Mission

 We specialize in delivering service-oriented smart home technology solutions tailored for both premium residential homes and commercial applications 


Our vision is to be the foremost residential lifestyle technology solution provider in South East Asia. 

500+ Residential Project Portfolio of Landed House & Apartments by Home Action Party

Join Us in Crafting Your Dream Smart Home.

Leading the Charge 

Onwards we march, smart home technologist.

A New Experience Begins

Shifted to current location to develop whole home automation NEW experience.

Achievement Unlock

Accomplished 200 Smart Home Project.

Cultivating Space

Expanded another unit space (35sqm)

Featuring Home Theater audio visual system with automation

Our Journey Begins

Officially represented as Control4 dealer

First HDB BTO project @ Punggol

First commercial project @ Selegie

Media Exposure 

Meet Our Master-of-Art Custom Home Theater Founders

The founders of HAP exude confidence in custom home theater solutions. With a wealth of expertise and a passion for immersive entertainment experiences, they lead the charge in delivering state-of-the-art audiovisual setups tailored to elevate the home viewing experience.

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