Home Security System Solutions in Singapore

At Home Action Party, we are dedicated to providing top-notch security solutions that ensure the safety and peace of mind of homeowners. Our range of products includes the most advanced home alarm system in Singapore, equipped with real-time monitoring and instant alerts to detect unauthorised entry or suspicious activity. Whether you are home or away, our security alarm system will keep your property secure, giving you complete control through remote access capabilities.

Smart Home Security: We empower homeowners to unleash the potential of a connected home by providing greater control and security, resulting in a smarter and safer living environment.

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Visitor Door Chime

A visitor door chime is a device that alerts homeowners when someone approaches or enters through a door. It typically emits a sound or chime to notify the presence of a visitor, enhancing security and awareness within the home.

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Intercom Gate Access

A smart intercom system allows for real-time video and audio communication with visitors at the door via a touch screen or smartphone app. It enhances security with features like motion detection, video recording, and remote door unlocking.

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Smart Alarm System Panel

A smart alarm system panel provides comprehensive home security by monitoring various zones and enabling remote arming and disarming via a smartphone app. It enhances safety with features like video intercom, motion detection, real-time notifications, and integration with smart home devices to trigger automated responses.

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Smart Surveillance CCTV

Via a smartphone app, a smart surveillance CCTV system provides round-the-clock video monitoring along with remote live watching and replay. Features like motion detection, event-based recording, and interaction with smart home devices to activate warnings for lighting or sounding improve security.

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Why choose Home Action Party?

Choosing Home Action Party means opting for the best in home protection. Our home alarm system is renowned for its reliability and advanced features, providing comprehensive coverage against intrusions and emergencies. With our systems, you receive real-time alerts and have the ability to monitor your home remotely, ensuring peace of mind whether you’re at home or away.

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