Smart Surveillance CCTV

A smart surveillance CCTV system offers continuous video monitoring with remote live viewing and playback via a smartphone app. It enhances security with features like motion detection, event-based recording, and integration with smart home devices for automated responses to detected activity.

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Smart Surveillance System

Smart Surveillance CCTV In typical setups, surveillance cameras (CCTV) are configured for 24/7 recording, with storage capacity calculated based on retention periods ranging from 7 to 30 days. Standard features include remote live monitoring and playback via an app. Additionally, cameras can delineate specific areas for motion detection and provide playback based on event timestamps. Intrusion detection with boundary settings prevents false alarms by triggering events only after a predefined duration. Integration with smart home systems allows cameras to trigger lighting or sound scenarios to deter intruders, enhancing overall security.

EXIR Mini Dome

Delivers high-definition video quality with powerful low-light performance and versatile mounting options.

Unifi G3-Pro

Offers wide-angle surveillance with sharp image clarity and advanced motion detection features.

Hikvision 2.8mm

Provides exceptional night vision with EXIR infrared technology and a compact, weather-resistant design.

EXIR Technology

Offers high-resolution video surveillance with advanced infrared (EXIR) technology for superior night vision.

Human-Vehicle Classification

A feature in advanced surveillance systems that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to distinguish between human and vehicle movements in video footage.