Custom Home Entertainment Room

Maximize space and enhance ambiance while enjoying powerful sound without visible equipment for an immersive experience.

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Superior Audio Performance

Enhance your audio with Dolby Atmos setups from 5.1.2 to 7.4.4, tailored to your room. Choose TRIAD or Bowers & Wilkins speakers for seamless installations, in-wall or in-ceiling, balancing style and sound.

Stunning 4K Display on Cinema Screen

Prepare to be amazed by the captivating large size and high-resolution HDR projection image that will immerse you in a truly cinematic experience

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Home Karaoke Room

Besides a home theatre system, a karaoke system is often integrated into the same home entertainment area. Whether you prefer casual home singing or throwing a high-energy karaoke bash, we have the perfect solution for you.

The Private Home Cinema

Our team designs the visual arrangement to comply with THX specifications and optimizes the audio configuration following Dolby Atmos guidelines. 

Using DIRAC software for audio calibration, we adjust the system to the specific acoustics of your room, delivering an unparalleled sound experience tailored to your space.

Home Theatre Only

Design with a dark theme and a 2.35 aspect ratio screen for an immersive cinematic experience. Pair it with cutting-edge media players, processors, amplifiers, and projectors.

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Home Theater + Karaoke Room

 This design ensures no speakers are visible on the screen wall, enhancing the authentic theater feel. A larger screen size provides a great visual impact, in combination with colorful led strips to generate the party vibe for a singing session.

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TRIAD Home Theatre Speakers


Triad satellites provide exceptional sound quality and remarkable installation flexibility, offering numerous system design possibilities. Select from three distinct series of speakers with versatile mounting options (in-room, in-wall, or in-ceiling) to deliver impressive, full-range audio in any environment.

LCRs (Left, Right, and Centers)

Triad offers an extensive range of LCR speakers, meticulously crafted to deliver powerful sound in rooms of any size. Engineered for dynamic, high-output audio and pressure levels akin to a commercial-grade theater, our LCR speakers also excel in musicality, transforming your home cinema into a concert hall experience.


Our surround speakers elevate the home theater experience by delivering detailed effects at both cinema-reference and background listening levels, immersing audiences in new dimensions of sound. Built and tested to the same rigorous standards as our primary speakers, their exceptional audio quality sets a new benchmark.


Triad subwoofers let listeners feel the power of true, accurate sound, delivering deep, precise bass with the same clarity and musicality as our primary speakers. Our versatile options include in-wall, in-ceiling, and in-room subwoofers, ensuring seamless integration into any system for a full-frequency audio experience without just a muffled thud.

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