Enhance Every Area with Seamless Piped-In Melodies  

Customized Multi-Room Audio Solution: Tailored architectural speakers that deliver exceptional performance in every area of the home.

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In-ceiling Speakers

Compact and space-efficient, it sets the mood for music to seamlessly fill every corner of the room. Combine it with an in-ceiling subwoofer for a bass that's perfect for any party.

Outdoor Speakers

Wall-mounted outdoor speakers for the patio or pool deck are engineered to be weatherproof and provide high-quality sound with excellent clarity and volume coverage for outdoor spaces.

Garden Array Speakers

The garden speakers are hidden within the green bushes and seamlessly integrated into the ground. They can also be paired with an outdoor subwoofer that can be buried to deliver powerful bass vibrations.

Dual Tweeter Stereo Speakers

In spaces with restricted ceiling space, stereo ceiling speakers are installed to deliver clear music to a targeted area.

Enhance Every Room with Control4 Multi-room music solution

Indulge in streaming high-quality music from popular music services and easily manage the source and volume for each zone using the smart home app.

The music speakers can also double as announcement speakers to inform visitors through the intercom, or alert potential intruders that the area is under surveillance.

Using one devices, control multiroom.