Why use KNX standard for Home Automation System?

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Top 10 reasons why KNX is the worldwide standard for home and building control.

KNX combines the reliability of a market leader system with over two decades of proven performance, alongside the dynamic evolution driven by contributions from diverse manufacturers. This continual expansion enriches the product offerings, functionalities, and solutions available, ensuring KNX remains at the forefront of technological advancements in home and building automation.

1. KNX is a worldwide standard.

2. KNX system can easily integrate with Control4 smart home platform for a truly integrated smart home solution.

3. KNX is available with thousands of devices produced by over 300 manufacturers.

4. KNX is open and interoperable.

5. KNX is a key factor in order to achieve higher energy efficiency in buildings.

6. KNX does not rely on the TCP/IP network system to operate between its keypad & actuators.

7. KNX is a consolidated system based on a technology established on the market for 20 years and constantly under development.

8. KNX is suitable for both new construction and renovations.

9. KNX is a safe investment, thanks to the opening and interoperability of the standard.

10. KNX is a system designed, installed and commissioned by tens of thousands of skilled professionals.