Keppel Reflection

Crafting Your Perfect Smart Home: Seamless Integration, Impeccable Audio

Beginning of ​Pro​ject

Embark on a smart home journey at Keppel Reflection with our comprehensive integration process. We start by establishing a solid foundation, setting up racks and organizing cables meticulously for efficient connectivity. Next, we enhance security and connectivity by strategically placing CCTV cameras and ensuring robust Wi-Fi coverage with access points. We then deploy the network infrastructure, terminating cables securely to facilitate reliable communication between devices. Moving forward, we elevate entertainment and control capabilities with immersive audiovisual setups and advanced control interfaces. Finally, we tailor automation settings to match homeowners' lifestyles, integrating voice commands and prioritizing privacy and security.

Control4 Smart Lights

Living Room- Surround Sound System

As part of optimizing your smart home experience, we specialize in installing TRIAD ceiling speakers for the front LCR and carefully managing cables within the Audio Visual in-cabinet slide-out rack. Properly positioning speakers and ensuring tidy cable management not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also elevate overall audio performance. If you're seeking advice or tips on installation techniques or cable organization strategies, don't hesitate to reach out! We're here to help you achieve the best audio and smart home setup tailored to your needs.

Family Room- Home Theatre



The Process

Phase 1: Rack Deployment and Cable Management

- Rack Assembly: Deployed and organized the rack infrastructure.

- Cable Management: Categorized cables (Cat 6, Cat 7, signals), traced their positions, and labeled them by house area.

- Lighting and Fans: Installed dimmable cove lights, reading lights, dimmable bathroom lights, and integrated fans in each bedroom and the living room.

- Intercom System: Set up a high-resolution video and audio intercom system.

Phase 2: CCTV and Access Points Installation

- CCTV Installation: Mounted CCTVs in the family room, dry kitchen, hallway, wet kitchen, and service yard.

- Wi-Fi Access Points: Installed access points in four bedrooms and the living room for amplified Wi-Fi signals.

- Optimal Coverage: Ensured proper positioning for security and connectivity.

Phase 3: Cable Termination and Network Deployment

- Cable Termination: Installed CCTVs and access points.

- Switch Ports: Set up 48 switch ports for managing connections.

- Smart Home Integration: Deployed AV Pro video matrix, Core 5, and Core 1 for controlling lighting, air conditioning, and fans.

Phase 4: Audiovisual Setup and Control System Installation

- Projectors and Screens: Installed and mounted projectors and screens as requested.

- Switch Faceplates: Enhanced aesthetics by installing faceplates for switches.

- In-Ceiling Speakers: Mounted and installed for distributed audio.

- Control System Configuration: Tested audio using Control4 system matrix and configured the Control4 app for seamless control of smart home features.

Phase 5: Final Integration and Testing

- Keypad Integration: Finalized keypad names with homeowners.

- Thorough Testing: Tested projector projections, audio outputs, TV displays, and Apple TV output.

- System Validation: Ensured all smart home systems functioned as intended, meeting homeowners' expectations.


Each phase of the project contributed to the successful deployment and integration of smart home features, ensuring convenience, security, and comfort for the homeowners.