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Enhance your home with Control4 home smart lighting, allowing you to easily adjust lighting scenes, schedules, and voice control for the perfect ambience anytime. If you are looking for smart lighting for homes in Singapore, Control4 offers the ideal solution to elevate your living space.

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Experience The Bright Possibilities

Single Column

Streamlined control option for individual lights or entire rooms. With Control4's home smart lighting, you can easily manage lighting levels in specific areas of your home. Our home smart lighting solutions in Singapore ensure you have complete control at your fingertips.

Dual Column

 Expand functionality without cluttering your wall with multiple switches. One keypad can handle all your needs. Our options for smart lighting in Singapore include dual column setups, perfect for enhancing functionality  and maintaining a sleek, modern look.

Your Lighting, Personalised

Lighting control app

Smart Home App

Experience ultimate convenience with Control4 Smart Lighting. Effortlessly adjust brightness, colour, and scenes with a tap. If you're looking for smart lighting for homes in Singapore, our system’s automated schedules and remote access via your smartphone mean your home is always perfectly lit, whether you're there or away.

Control4 touch screen

Elegant Interior

For a more elegant interior, the Control4 intercom touch panel streamlines the control of lighting scenes, music, shades, and air conditioning all from one convenient panel. Available in both in-wall and portable designs.

Voice activation of lighting scene

Voice Assistant

Control4 Smart Lighting offers ultimate convenience, allowing you to effortlessly control your home's lighting with a simple tap or voice command.

Beauty And Intelligence

Professional Dimming

 Control4's dimming feature offers precise control over light levels, providing smooth, flicker-free dimming for any ambience you desire. Whether it's phase dimming, 0-10V, or DALI dimming, we've got you covered for all your dimming requirements.

Customize Engrave

Easily identify your Control4 buttons by personalising them with custom engravings. Label buttons with names like "Movie Night" or "Bedtime" for a chic and intuitive way to control your home lighting.

Scene Button

Control4 lighting scenes let you set the perfect mood with a single touch. Customise scenes for any occasion, like a romantic dinner or movie night, and easily adjust brightness and colour to match the atmosphere.

Smart Lighting in Singapore

Smart lighting for homes in Singapore is becoming increasingly popular. Control4's home smart lighting solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of homes in this vibrant city. Whether you are upgrading your current system or installing smart lighting for the first time, our smart lights for homes ensure seamless integration and superior performance.

Why Choose Control4 for Your Smart Lighting Needs?

Control4 offers unparalleled smart lighting solutions that cater to your unique preferences. Our home s​mart lighting systems are designed to be intuitive, efficient, and elegant. For residents in Singapore, smart lighting in Singapore for homes has never been more accessible or customisable.

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