Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theater Speakers

Experience extraordinary sound with Bowers & Wilkins' custom theater solutions, designed with the same engineering excellence as our core speaker ranges. Our Integrated Solutions speakers optimize your theater’s acoustics, delivering dynamic, state-of-the-art soundtracks from the best possible locations.

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CT800 Series

Pure performance without compromise. CT800 combines reference-quality power, clarity, and control with speakers that can be custom-fitted into a theater room. Experience everything from the roar of a jet engine to the creak of a staircase in extraordinarily lifelike detail.


CT700 Series

A revolution in immersive home theater sound. CT700 creates theater sound that is more lifelike, immersive, and powerful than you would have imagined possible at this price. Forget compromise: with CT700, you get nothing less than a genuinely cinematic experience in your own home.