Horizon Garden

Townhouse with whole home smart automation

Fully Smart Home in Ang Mo Kio: Commissioning Completed!

We began by ensuring comprehensive WiFi coverage throughout the four-storey townhouse with Cat7 infrastructure professionally terminated in a mini network rack. Next, we installed an intercom system allowing easy visitor/delivery communication from the basement carpark or main door on level one, granting convenient access via phone.

To enhance security, CCTV was strategically placed around the entrances to safeguard the property perimeter. Addressing weak GSM signals in the basement, we installed a GSM repeater for reliable connectivity.

The highlight of this project is our premium Control4 lighting automation featuring personalized engraved keypad buttons in a contemporary style, perfectly complementing modern home aesthetics. In addition to lighting control, we implemented audio-visual system control in the basement recreation room, level one family room, and master bedroom—ensuring media players and amplifiers remain discreetly concealed from view.