What are the types of dimming in lighting control system?

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Below are the three types of dimming available in the market

  1. Phase Dimming:
    • Phase dimming, also known as leading-edge dimming or TRIAC dimming, is a method commonly used for dimming incandescent, halogen, and some LED light fixtures.
    • It works by chopping off part of the AC waveform's leading edge to reduce the amount of power supplied to the light source, thereby dimming the light.
    • Phase dimming is simple and cost-effective but may cause compatibility issues with certain types of LED drivers and lamps.
  2. DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface):
    • DALI is a digital lighting control protocol that allows for individual control of each light fixture in a system.
    • It enables advanced lighting features such as individual fixture addressing, dimming, color control (for RGB fixtures), and feedback monitoring.
    • DALI systems require a dedicated control network and DALI-compatible light fixtures and controllers.
    • DALI offers greater flexibility and precision compared to phase dimming but may be more complex and expensive to install.
  3. 0-10V Dimming:
    • 0-10V dimming is an analog dimming method where a control signal ranging from 0 to 10 volts is sent to compatible dimmable ballasts or LED drivers.
    • The control signal varies the voltage supplied to the light source, allowing for smooth dimming control.
    • 0-10V dimming is widely used in commercial and industrial applications and is compatible with many types of dimmable LED fixtures and drivers.
    • It offers relatively simple installation and is compatible with many control systems, making it a popular choice for dimming applications.

In summary, phase dimming is simple and cost-effective but may have compatibility limitations. DALI provides advanced features and individual control but may be more complex and costly. 0-10V dimming offers smooth dimming control and compatibility with various fixtures but lacks the advanced features of DALI. The choice between these methods depends on factors such as project requirements, budget, and desired functionality. Contact us today for a professional consultancy on which type of dimming is suitable for your project.