Trevose Rd

Elevate Your Living Experience: Seamless Integration

HAP provides comprehensive home automation and integration services tailored to enhance your living experience. Our expert team installed a state-of-the-art home theater system and concealed rear subwoofers within custom carpentry for a sleek finish. We established a robust network infrastructure featuring a patch panel and UniFi whole-home networking, ensuring seamless connectivity across the entire property with strategically placed WiFi access points for optimal coverage. Enjoy multi-room music with discreet in-ceiling speakers indoors and waterproof outdoor wall-mounted speakers for outdoor entertainment. Our advanced intercom and access control solutions include outdoor visitor intercom panels and pin code access for the main door, along with Control4 touch screens for gate control and intercom functionality on every floor landing. Additionally, we implemented centralized lighting control using an EIB lighting control panel, with temporary labels before finalizing custom engraving for Control4 smart lighting keypads. At HAP, we're committed to enhancing your apartment's functionality and convenience with cutting-edge home automation solutions tailored to your needs.